Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 4 3 .........

I am so excited!  We are working on finishing touches for our new website.

This has been a great website for me... 
It was my first, my baby. It is a little dated however...
I mean eggplant and burgundy, So 2004..

The new site, Is Fresh and new and has cool features on it that my old site didn't have.

The best part  DISCOUNT CODES!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to some amazing discounts and giveaways coming soon and no more eggplant!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I forget how tricky summer can be.  

Ever since I started working from home in 1996.  I have had a baby sitter come in and play with the kids a day or two every week, so I could get a few really good days of work in, and then the others I would just get the work in when we weren't playing.   This worked really well for our little nest.

This summer however, I decided that everyone was old enough to think up fun things to do on their own.  Even my baby can ride his bike to the pharmacy for some candy or a shaved ice.  They can flit about where ever they want!

The problem is me!
I have bitten off way more than ever before.  I am feeling stuck to my desk,.  My little birdies are out playing and having fun and I want to be sitting on a branch watching them swim and laugh and fly,  at least a little.

The tricky balancing act got me again. 
Here I sit at my desk, working!  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Mompreneur!

There is an excitement in our office today!

I was written up in Blush Magazine's online Blog about being a Mompreneur!  The folks at Blush asked me questions about being a mom, running a business and how to handle it all.   Very apropos being that it's summer and as I said yesterday, the "Great Balancing Act" is totally on.  

The truth is sometimes I blow it in glorious fashion, and sometimes I get it pretty close to right! I am really lucky to have great friends, other mom's, who  give me the ideas, support and love I need to do the balancing act.  

Much thanks to Blush, we are feeling pretty honored!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schools Out for Summer- Now what?

School let out for summer today.

OK, I knew it was going to happen, it does every year!  

  I knew it was getting close when Luke came home with the contents of his locker in his backpack. 

I love having them home and playing in the yard and building forts and going for adventures.  And to be honest I felt like I might loose it if I had to make one more sack lunch.  

The problem is I work from home, and they are home- while Im working!!!!  Can you see why this causes trouble??  It is hard to work while little boys are playing Potptropica on your computer.

and worse, if they are out of my way and real quiet like, well then I know exactly what is going on....

Keeping kids busy and happy and at least a tiny bit productive during the summer takes a ton of organization.  

As I type this, Devin and her eleven BFFs are in my basement watching the season finale of Glee and just outside my window are a dozen boys.  There is lots and lots of screaming!

So it's really on! 
Summer is here!

Good Luck to all moms! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Twitter, blogs and a treat!

So Roxy and I had lunch with my husband's endlessly talented cousin Mr Damian Dayton today.  Even fresh off of gnarly back surgery, this guy is all sorts of amazing .  He is something of a social media expert so we pumped him for information. He is helping us grow our  business using these new fangled things like tweets and blogs and company facebook pages.  Totally exciting stuff technology,  I love it, love it, love it.  And very soon you are going to be so impressed with my crazy skills.

So back to the spectacular Damian....  We lunched at The Dodo- A favorite of mine, of Damian's and now Roxy's.  And yes, we did share a Toll House Pie- but only because it would have been a little gross if I would have ordered my own at lunch.

So our treat was the gooey half baked pie with ice cream and whipped cream, yours is this video that Damian made on a first date!  Did I mention that he was amazingly talented and so very cool?  Well you can just judge for yourself.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jewelry Storage- Sew Cute

Design Sponge has the cutest little help for gals like us with too much jewelry lying around maybe even large collection fabric and thread.   This is a marriage of two of my passions!!

Follow this easy little do it yourself at Design Sponge.  

If thread isnt your thing,  find a cute little collection of hooks

Like these little guys from


From Farm 4

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

O My!

Do you have a bucket list?  A things to do list? 
I definitely do, its quite long and just as I shorten it a teeny bit, 
I find some more things to put on it!

A trip to Africa
Take the kids to England
Start playing Violin again
Learn to spell
Get my jewelry in InStyle Magazine
Be a guest on The Today Show

And then there is ....

We gotta dream!