Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I forget how tricky summer can be.  

Ever since I started working from home in 1996.  I have had a baby sitter come in and play with the kids a day or two every week, so I could get a few really good days of work in, and then the others I would just get the work in when we weren't playing.   This worked really well for our little nest.

This summer however, I decided that everyone was old enough to think up fun things to do on their own.  Even my baby can ride his bike to the pharmacy for some candy or a shaved ice.  They can flit about where ever they want!

The problem is me!
I have bitten off way more than ever before.  I am feeling stuck to my desk,.  My little birdies are out playing and having fun and I want to be sitting on a branch watching them swim and laugh and fly,  at least a little.

The tricky balancing act got me again. 
Here I sit at my desk, working!  

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  1. Oh how filmsy the 'women can have it all' statement is hey? It is tough, is your working day flexible that you could start earlier and then finish mid-afternoon at least once a week to go hangout with the kids?

    I love the jewellery though :o)