Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 4 3 .........

I am so excited!  We are working on finishing touches for our new website.

This has been a great website for me... 
It was my first, my baby. It is a little dated however...
I mean eggplant and burgundy, So 2004..

The new site, Is Fresh and new and has cool features on it that my old site didn't have.

The best part  DISCOUNT CODES!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to some amazing discounts and giveaways coming soon and no more eggplant!!


  1. Nice change. I will miss the eggplant, as I was used to it and change scares me. Just kidding. BTW do you have anymore of those fabulous purses? I need another one so I have a replacement when my current wears out. It's quite and attention grabber I must say, and it holds a ton of junk!

  2. That's cool Alli! I'll have to keep directing people to it:)

  3. New websites etc can be fun. A re-vamp of sorts.

    Barbaloot originally sent me here.
    and giveaways are always fun

    and actually, I like eggplant