Saturday, July 31, 2010

2 Days and Who Made This Deadline?

Sometimes I feel like I have to put my family on hold to get my work done.   Lucky for me I have some really patient and helpful kids!  

*photo courtesy of Roxy Marj

Friday, July 30, 2010

3 days left- 3 little eggs

My amazingly talented friend Chrissy has been creating lovely things from about four days after she was born.  When she started painted I begged and begged her for a little nest painting.  For my birthday this year I received this -

Yep, those are real turquoise eggs, one for each of my little buddies!

Lucky Me!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 Days left- Sneak Peak

I love this shot!
First glimpses at!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi Folks! Roxy Asami here --- also known as Roxy Marj <>
You may be wondering why there is an illustration of me in my FABULOUS vintage eskimo coat... no, Salt Lake City has not been hit by a snow storm and no it is not because Christmas is coming soon [5 months of sooness] ..actually
today my blog post is about the wonderful program I watched last night on BYU TV... it was about the Saami people and their livelihood as semi-nomadic reindeer herding!  I think I have found my dream calling in life!  Yes, I want to be a reindeer hearder! And how fitting that my last name is Asami!!! I Love it! Check out these wonderful photos below of these people in their beautiful dress...and oh yeah...they rock the tee-pee too! ....soo inspiring and now has me even more excited for winter to come. xo Roxy

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cokeville WYYYYYYYOMIN!!!! Population 506.

July 24th in Cokeville Wyoming!  Celebrating the Pioneers and 100 years of Cokeville.

The Cokeville 5k- a little early for a holiday weekend but the view was worth it.

Oh, did I mention that if your are a woman between 40-49 years and you run a little fast, well then you might be able to take one of these lovely 1st place trophies home with you.  Laugh, but its as close as I will ever get to a running trophy so I am wearing it!
Dayton kids line the Main Street (just a block away from Dayton Drive) waiting for the hundreds of pounds of candy that will soon be thrown at them.

My favorite part of the parade!!  I can't figure out how they even recruit Boy Scouts.


Cokeville Flag Football Tournament at the Cokeville Park.  Check out the hot guy in the dark t-shirt, I know those legs!  MMMMmmmm.

Out at the ranch, waiting for the homemade bomb to explode!    Apparently, if you mix gas with some secret ingredient, and shoot it with a gun, it will explode- well that's what they say anyway.  It didn't work but hanging out in a field with great people is enough fun for me! 


Green Jewelry

Okay so I spaced Sunday's post! AHHHH!   So today I am going to double post just to stay true to my word!

With eight days left until our exciting new launch, I offer you a little green  to wear, kinda like Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal- kinda.  Amazingly, this moss is supposed to stay green for 8-12 months, but its gonna cost you big Robert Redford big- $324.00  Mine would last 2 weeks and then I would be wearing a very expensive tiny silver planter box.  

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello Hello! ROXY IN DA HAUS!!!! You guys... 9 days till Allison's FABULOUS new website goes live! BOO-YA!

Sooo today is my day to blog. YEE-HAW! I thought it only appropriate to blog about Pioneer Day! Here in the wonderful state of Utah is Pioneer Day! It is an official holiday that celebrates the Mormon pioneers [am I getting this jargon right? :/] entering into the Salt Lake Valley back in the mid 1800's and settling down!  How am I going to spend this wonderful holiday? By going slip n' sliding of course!

How is Allison going to spend it? hahaha lol  like this! Riding around on a horse with her husband Kenn in Cokeville Wyoming! lol
Well maybe not riding around on a horse...but she is in Wyoming kickin it with the husband and chidlets.

But in all seriousness... Utah having a holiday to celebrate the pioneers who trekked hundreds of miles in wagons and handcarts is pretty neat!  Life as a pioneer in the 1800's has always fascinated me...One of my very favorite authors is Laura Ingalls Wilder! I have read her little house series more than ten times. Here is her most famous book:

Such a good book! But my favorite is Little House in the Big Woods! If you haven't read this book yet, PLEASE go out and buy it! You will not be able to put it down! I have been reading Little House in the Big Woods every couple years now since I was 8!

Another reason to like life back in the mid 1800's is for their fashion. One can never have enough frills & calico prints! Plus their styles were sooo girly and yet a little sexy! Look at this Butterick pattern and check out the chokers these ladies are wearing! CAAAA--UUUTE!

Life wasn't always easy though... I would say the majority of life on the prairie was hard.  Take this photo for instance... it depicts the hardship of that time period so well...

 I often wonder sometimes if I would have made a good pioneer...I was recently in New York this past week and half doing some freelance work and while out there, NYC was getting slammed as usual with the humidity.  I felt myself being cranky every day over this, especially so because I was lugging a lot of bags with me to and from the warehouse I was working at. I bet you anything that this kind of work was nothing for a pioneer.... now I am feeling a little silly about how cranky I was.... mkay...well before I go, a couple more pictures to share that depict pioneer life! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and for those of you in Utah, HAPPY PIONEER DAY!  over n' out! >>> Roxy <<<

Images found via:
Jersey Homesteader
Razor Family Farms
Graham County
Sidney Rigdon
The Pioneer Woman

Friday, July 23, 2010

10 Days and Counting...

Exciting News......

Just 10 days from this very day, our new website will be live!!!

To soften what I know will be excruciating anticipation of my new site, the multi-talented Roxy will now be guest blogging on this very site!  So now you will get a tiny bit of the thrill that I get everyday- the amazingly creative thoughts and muses of miss  Roxana Asami!




I am sharing Roxy because I love you!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thanks Mom!

I use to make my mom buy me all sorts of important collectible things.  Chinese jacks, Chinese jump ropes, Hello Kitty pencils and of stacks and stacks of Mrs Grossman's stickers.  So I guess I totally deserve the Pokemon cards,  Webkinz, and now Silly Bandz.

Don't get me wrong I'm all about piles of bracelets on cute little arms,  but these little buggers are scattered all over my house and floors and many have made it into the belly of my vacuum.


Oh wait...


Oh, here is something happy,  

it's Sonic Time!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friends & Diet Coke- A Cautionary Tale!

As a freshman in college, my friends and I would often drop by the local "Sev" (7-11) for a drink on our way to our next big adventure.  I would grab my Sprite or Root Beer- they would all get Diet Coke.  Finally one day, a friend of mine (and this is how addictions always start) had had enough, apparently Sprite and Root Beer are little kid drinks??   I told her Diet Coke was gross and there was no way I could choke it down.  She made me (okay not really?  I was pretty bendable back in those days) drink an entire Big Gulp of Diet Coke on the spot promising me I would love it after that.  She was right!!

Flash forward 23 years and I am now a bonafide Diet Coke junkie aficionado!  Which brings me to one of my favorite birthday presents.

My friend Ann gave me a Sonic Cup for my birthday!
Actually, a sonic cup with a gift card in it.  Brilliant.
Is that the cutest wrapping ever??

If you don't know what the big deal with the Sonic Route 44 Diet Coke is, well it's hard to explain, but that beautiful cup is part of the magic.  It's styrofoam, so aside from being totally earth unfriendly, it is like having your own little cooler for your precious Diet Coke.  I am not too proud to tell you I have to drive nearly 16 big city blocks (one way) every morning to get one.  But when I am still enjoying that icy sweet nectar 4 hours later - well its all worth it. 

If you still don't get it, just drink one whole Sonic Route 44 Diet Coke with Limes- the entire thing- and then you will know.   

Trust me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Last week was my birthday! 


I know, having a birthday means you just got older, but I can't help it,  I am just giddy about birthdays.  Mine, my kid's, my honey's, yours, I looooove birthdays!   I love everything about birthdays.   As a child I started planning for my birthday right after Christmas.  When my kids were little, I would throw these big huge parties.  The more my husband's eyes rolled the better.   I like birthdays that go on forever.  In fact my in-laws are taking us to dinner to celebrate tomorrow night, which means that the celebrations have been carrying on for 12 days now! Just how I like it!

Having a birthday means one of these yummy cakes.  This little beauty is a Mrs. Backers Birthday Cake.  The price of such a cake fluctuates with the precious metals market, hovering right between gold and platinum.   I know what you are thinking,  it looks a bit old fashioned but DO NOT judge!  This is the yummiest pile of butter cream flowers you could ever dig your fork into.  To be clear, I don't much care for the cake part, so when I tell you i LOVE this cake, what I am really saying is, I LOVE this frosting!!  In fact I love this frosting so much that several years back, Kenn skipped the cake all together and just bought me a huge tub of frosting-  Can you see why I am in love with this man?  If a tub is a little tacky for you, you can just order a few dozen flowers and have them shipped to you!   If you're into that kind of thing.....  I totally am!