Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Mompreneur!

There is an excitement in our office today!

I was written up in Blush Magazine's online Blog about being a Mompreneur!  The folks at Blush asked me questions about being a mom, running a business and how to handle it all.   Very apropos being that it's summer and as I said yesterday, the "Great Balancing Act" is totally on.  

The truth is sometimes I blow it in glorious fashion, and sometimes I get it pretty close to right! I am really lucky to have great friends, other mom's, who  give me the ideas, support and love I need to do the balancing act.  

Much thanks to Blush, we are feeling pretty honored!


  1. That's awesome Ali! And I always thought BLUSH was a fictional magazine from Just Shoot Me. Oops:)

  2. how cool!!! great article/interview. you are such a great mom! and i LOVE your creations!

  3. last one on the bus again...but good thing it hasn.t finished it.s route and i can take it STRAIGHT on over to BLUSH where i can read all about my bestest friend who is a WONDERFUL MAMA!!!!!
    love you

  4. ahhhh!!! Alison I just found your blog, and it made me so happy. This is Katie H that worked at whimsy years ago & then moved to Newport Beach CA. I don't know if you will remember me, but I think you are the best!! I love your work and I can't wait to read more, I think the world of you and sure miss you and everyone in SLC. Look how big your kids are thats crazy. I now have two babies, two boys a 3yr old and 6week old. Still rock your jewelry around and I get comments all the time and I tell them Alison Dayton best jewelry designer out!!! Love ya KT