Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Take it all, I'm sick of it!

I have been looking at the same jewelry, some of it for at least a year now and  I am sick to death of it!  
If you live near Salt Lake City, Come on over, I am putting all of my jewelry on sale from 50-75% off for this weekend only.  One of a kind, samples and things we just bought WAY to much of are all on SUPER SALE!  

Dont make me look at these things anymore, Please oh Please!  I have new ideas and pretty new pieces to create and I need a place to hang them when I am done!  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Party Party Arty! Yay!!!

Remember when I said "I don't want to sound greedy"?

Well as it turns out ...
I really do like to be greeedy......

thank you 
for voting for us!

Monday, September 20, 2010

We hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you do/see anything interesting?  I [Roxy] was sick the whole weekend...cause? Bleach. :( yep, dunno if I am allergic to it or what but if there is enough in vicinity to give me a headache I know I am in trouble.  1st sign: sore throat 2nd sign: runny nose 3rd sign: running out of breath when climbing stairs.... :( basically my immune system gets righteously attacked and I become ultra weak and the only cure is sleep.  My Junior year of college was far worse..my eyes got crusted over, I missed 5 days of school, I eventually ended up in the emergency room with them saying they saying they couldn't do anything for me [i.e. put me on anti-biotics] and that the only thing I could do was sleep... but then my sister also thought of a great idea to help me get well and that was to laugh...so she laid in bed with me all day long watching funny movies with me and I laughed till I felt well enough to go to school. I was reminded of that the other day and kept thinking "laugh a lot Roxy, laugh!" Funny thing is, I naturally DO laugh a lot...but when we are sick it is so hard to. I think I need to plaster my walls with the wooden plaques I see out here in Utah that say "Live & Laugh".

Anyways...feeling a lot better today and that feels good.  Now let's talk fashion and what goes great with what!

Don't these hoops seriously make you wanna jump around like this girl? They do for me!
Or what about this darling Sterling Silver bracelet?  Looks great with soooo many outfits!

 Or if you're still getting some summer heat and hitting the pool/ocean/lake/pond whichever...why not wonderful porcelain bracelet set?

All these items can be found at Allison Dayton Jewelry

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If I were in the movie.....

I'd wear these gorgeous earrings....
then again... I think they would look TONS better on Debbie Reynolds!

Don't you just love her and this movie???

Do you have a favorite scene?  I do..... :) Mine is when all three actors [ Debbie, Gene & Donald] sing "Good Morning Good Morning" ---> many times I have sung this song to the girls I used to nanny for in the morning after spending the night at their grandma's house in Connecticut. 
+miss those days+

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have Tools Will Travel!

So why is my beautiful daughter Devin,  surrounded by all of these boys, not smiling?

Here's a hint;

One day after Devin's orthodontist appointment as we were hurrying off to soccer practice, Devin realized the Dental Assistant forgot to close the brackets on her braces.   The wire was popping out and digging into her cheek-  OUCH!!

I grabbed my trusty jewelry tools and jumped in the car.  When we got to the field, I laid her head on my armrest and went to work.  I opened the remaining brackets, finessed the wire back through the back connector in the back and closed those little buggers,  Pretty as you please!

I don't mind telling y'all that Devin's friends were kind of  impressed and the next morning Devin said "Mom, Hannah's mom could never do what you did last night" .  

Dang straight girl-   You got yourself a Super Duper Mom......
and a Super Duper Smile

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's the Dealio?

Hey we are feeling pretty pumped here this week!  First we got noticed by Salt Lake Magazine which is our premier local mag - quite an honor.  AND then there might possibly, hopefully, wishfully be some more good news this week.....  fingers crossed.


To celebrate our excitement, we want to share the love! From today through September 21st we are offering 40% off your entire order!  Just use the coupon code  40off at the checkout -

Anyone up for burgers?  I suddenly have a hankering...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi folks! Roxy Marj here....  So starting today [urrr tonight] we are officially gettin' down with thee bloggin! Monday through Friday Allison and I will be posting like it's nobody's business....but really it is..and we want it to be yours and ours and his and hers and this and that etc. etc.  We have a weekly line-up of topics that you can look forward to seeing/reading consistently.  Here is what to expect:

Monday : goes great with > Roxy
Tuesday: Promotions > Allison
Wednesday: Home & Family > Allison
Thursday: If I were in > Roxy
Friday:  How to's > Allison

We have loads of things/ideas/images to share daily, and hope that you'll stop by often for a good fix and just to say hello!


Goes Great With:
School has started, new jobs have begun, fall is in the air.... we love these looks 
and feel these pieces by Allison Dayton Jewelry compliment each one of these outfits! Yay/nay? Tell us what you think!

All pieces can be found HERE

Friday, August 20, 2010


I just got a call from one of my favorite sister in laws (I have 12).  In her usually bubbly nothings a big deal way she told me she has breast cancer-  It makes me cry to even type it.  She, of course is unflappable.  All of us around her are a little breathless right now.

They caught it early and the doctors feel like things will be okay.  And of course she has a fantastic attitude about it all.  Not only that she has two enormous families, add up her parents, brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews- she is well over  150 prayers!  She will no doubt kick this thing with all sorts of perkiness!  Come to think of it,  she might end up with a perky new pair to match her personality!!

This ones for you, you saucy little thing you!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Don't Want to Sound Greedy, But......

I have to say I am way way excited!

I just got nominated again for CityWeekly's readers choice for Best Jewelry Designer of the year for 2010.

It might be too much to ask for to win four years in a row, but it would be AWESOME!!!!!!   So if you have a spare moment-  cast a Vote Here   Thank you thank you and Fingers Crossed!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello lovely friends/followers of Allisons! Soooo I have been house sitting this past week for Allison while she and the fam were in Chicago vacationing...and as always... a treat to house sit for the Daytons! :) In the windowsill above her kitchen sink she has a Mary Engelbreit calender. As I was tearing the days off, this was the first one I pulled....

It had me thinking..... How often are we deciding on our own to be happy when we aren't always experiencing the happiest, funniest, brightest, etc. days?  Something to think about right?  I think I have been very lucky to find friends who for the most part are always in good moods.... and then I have friends who always seem to see the glass half empty and complain about soooooo many things! 

That is soooo exhausting... :(

and I ALWAYS find myself thinking... i'd rather be by myself right now.  Now of course we can't always be happy 100% - we are not perfect...  but we can master being positive even when things are hard. <- Yes I am sure one can argue this and totally disagree, but it is about our choice of how we handle things.

No matter what... you can ALWAYS find something to complain about.  Why settle for that attitude... that poor sport behavior? Now, I am not saying go and be a robot, don't show your emotions, don't be sad, don't cry...<- believe me, I am not saying that... because if you knew me well, you would know that I wear my emotions on my sleeve, what you see is what you get.

I guess where all this is coming from is from the conversation I had the other day with one of my best friends who was visiting.  She was telling me about one of her best friends and how she doesn't handle things in life too well... anything bad that comes up, she either gets really depressed or reverts back to her anorexic habits.  Well, my best friend heard some information about her best friends boyfriend that would upset her if she found out and is torn because she wants to say something but knows that if she does that this best friend of hers will get severely depressed.  Man! Just hearing that made me depressed.  I can't imagine if I had friends that felt that way about me, always too afraid to tell me what is going on for fear of how I will act. Not a healthy way to live.  One of the things that makes my best friends my TRUEST bestest friends [shout out to you Robert, Ken, & Sarah H.  Hye Jung & Annie B.] is that they will and have told me things about myself that have sometimes been hard to swallow...but you know what, I can look back at myself 2,3,4,5 years from now and see how much better of a person I am because of them! They have my back!  I studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York City, and every week we would have critiques of each others work.  The classmates who actually critiqued my work are the ones who I admire to this day... My designs got better over time, where as the ones who were either too scared, insecure or just plain jealous to say anything really frustrated me, and they were also the ones where if I critiqued their work they took major offense! Seriously?! Aren't we here to help each other grow?  I mean we paid $34,000 a year to be there!  Crazy stuff!  It is the same in our every day lives! Aren't we here to build one another up, to help each other grow, even if that means telling each other things that are hard to hear but in defense of being a better person? YES!  And one of the best ways of doing that is by excepting the difficulties, the challenges, the insecurities and facing them one at a time, and one day at a time!

So I guess what I am trying to say is, that really we have no time for bad attitudes... we don't have time to entertain that poor sport mentality in us that sometimes tries soooo hard to break out!  Tell him or her to get lost!  All we have time for is to be as happy as possible! And to help spread that happiness all around. If you come across people who want to bring you down, move on! Let them deal with their pain on their own, when they are ready to be happy and positive, let them come up to you but don't go down to their level.....

At the end of the day, we want to be like this cute lil old man! :-[) lol

And lastly, another fabulous quote from Oscar Wilde on Allison's Mary Engelbreit calendar.

Now go have an awesome day! And as a token of my happiness, I want to share one of my favorite songs with you that puts me in thee BEST mood ever! EMPIRE OF THE SUN Get ready to dance my friends!!! xo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Were Open- Pardon Our Dust!!

 The new and improved AllisonDayton.com is up and running, we have a few teensy things we have to work on but other than that we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

To celebrate we are offering our first ever 25% off coupon code, good through August 10th.  Type in the word Launch in the promotional code area and you will get  25% off  your entire order.  ALSO to the first person who places an order I will send my favorite bracelet set!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

1 day plus a little- I swear we are hurrying!

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

2 Days and Who Made This Deadline?

Sometimes I feel like I have to put my family on hold to get my work done.   Lucky for me I have some really patient and helpful kids!  

*photo courtesy of Roxy Marj

Friday, July 30, 2010

3 days left- 3 little eggs

My amazingly talented friend Chrissy has been creating lovely things from about four days after she was born.  When she started painted I begged and begged her for a little nest painting.  For my birthday this year I received this -

Yep, those are real turquoise eggs, one for each of my little buddies!

Lucky Me!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 Days left- Sneak Peak

I love this shot!
First glimpses at allisondayton.com!