Tuesday, June 1, 2010

O My!

Do you have a bucket list?  A things to do list? 
I definitely do, its quite long and just as I shorten it a teeny bit, 
I find some more things to put on it!

A trip to Africa
Take the kids to England
Start playing Violin again
Learn to spell
Get my jewelry in InStyle Magazine
Be a guest on The Today Show

And then there is ....

We gotta dream!


  1. hahaha o my i almost just fell out of my chair! I love that we both have learn to spell on our list

  2. i love it! ha ha ha! and wow what a bucket list! so good to see you yesterday! i'm rockin the bracelets today!

  3. Totally duped me. I'm such a sucker! This cracks me up.

  4. Ha Ha I know, Hopefully when my real moment happens I will be having a MUCH better hair day!

  5. you got me,
    but then
    it.s not hard to do.
    miss you.
    seeing my old friend allison all alone for a whole day with no kids, hubbies, cell phone interuptions and lots and lots of good food, shopping, lounging and talking...
    that is on this girls bucket list.
    this is chrissy by the way.