Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Party Party Arty! Yay!!!

Remember when I said "I don't want to sound greedy"?

Well as it turns out ...
I really do like to be greeedy......

thank you 
for voting for us!

Monday, September 20, 2010

We hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you do/see anything interesting?  I [Roxy] was sick the whole weekend...cause? Bleach. :( yep, dunno if I am allergic to it or what but if there is enough in vicinity to give me a headache I know I am in trouble.  1st sign: sore throat 2nd sign: runny nose 3rd sign: running out of breath when climbing stairs.... :( basically my immune system gets righteously attacked and I become ultra weak and the only cure is sleep.  My Junior year of college was far eyes got crusted over, I missed 5 days of school, I eventually ended up in the emergency room with them saying they saying they couldn't do anything for me [i.e. put me on anti-biotics] and that the only thing I could do was sleep... but then my sister also thought of a great idea to help me get well and that was to she laid in bed with me all day long watching funny movies with me and I laughed till I felt well enough to go to school. I was reminded of that the other day and kept thinking "laugh a lot Roxy, laugh!" Funny thing is, I naturally DO laugh a lot...but when we are sick it is so hard to. I think I need to plaster my walls with the wooden plaques I see out here in Utah that say "Live & Laugh".

Anyways...feeling a lot better today and that feels good.  Now let's talk fashion and what goes great with what!

Don't these hoops seriously make you wanna jump around like this girl? They do for me!
Or what about this darling Sterling Silver bracelet?  Looks great with soooo many outfits!

 Or if you're still getting some summer heat and hitting the pool/ocean/lake/pond whichever...why not wonderful porcelain bracelet set?

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

If I were in the movie.....

I'd wear these gorgeous earrings....
then again... I think they would look TONS better on Debbie Reynolds!

Don't you just love her and this movie???

Do you have a favorite scene?  I do..... :) Mine is when all three actors [ Debbie, Gene & Donald] sing "Good Morning Good Morning" ---> many times I have sung this song to the girls I used to nanny for in the morning after spending the night at their grandma's house in Connecticut. 
+miss those days+

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have Tools Will Travel!

So why is my beautiful daughter Devin,  surrounded by all of these boys, not smiling?

Here's a hint;

One day after Devin's orthodontist appointment as we were hurrying off to soccer practice, Devin realized the Dental Assistant forgot to close the brackets on her braces.   The wire was popping out and digging into her cheek-  OUCH!!

I grabbed my trusty jewelry tools and jumped in the car.  When we got to the field, I laid her head on my armrest and went to work.  I opened the remaining brackets, finessed the wire back through the back connector in the back and closed those little buggers,  Pretty as you please!

I don't mind telling y'all that Devin's friends were kind of  impressed and the next morning Devin said "Mom, Hannah's mom could never do what you did last night" .  

Dang straight girl-   You got yourself a Super Duper Mom......
and a Super Duper Smile

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's the Dealio?

Hey we are feeling pretty pumped here this week!  First we got noticed by Salt Lake Magazine which is our premier local mag - quite an honor.  AND then there might possibly, hopefully, wishfully be some more good news this week.....  fingers crossed.


To celebrate our excitement, we want to share the love! From today through September 21st we are offering 40% off your entire order!  Just use the coupon code  40off at the checkout -

Anyone up for burgers?  I suddenly have a hankering...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi folks! Roxy Marj here....  So starting today [urrr tonight] we are officially gettin' down with thee bloggin! Monday through Friday Allison and I will be posting like it's nobody's business....but really it is..and we want it to be yours and ours and his and hers and this and that etc. etc.  We have a weekly line-up of topics that you can look forward to seeing/reading consistently.  Here is what to expect:

Monday : goes great with > Roxy
Tuesday: Promotions > Allison
Wednesday: Home & Family > Allison
Thursday: If I were in > Roxy
Friday:  How to's > Allison

We have loads of things/ideas/images to share daily, and hope that you'll stop by often for a good fix and just to say hello!


Goes Great With:
School has started, new jobs have begun, fall is in the air.... we love these looks 
and feel these pieces by Allison Dayton Jewelry compliment each one of these outfits! Yay/nay? Tell us what you think!

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