Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schools Out for Summer- Now what?

School let out for summer today.

OK, I knew it was going to happen, it does every year!  

  I knew it was getting close when Luke came home with the contents of his locker in his backpack. 

I love having them home and playing in the yard and building forts and going for adventures.  And to be honest I felt like I might loose it if I had to make one more sack lunch.  

The problem is I work from home, and they are home- while Im working!!!!  Can you see why this causes trouble??  It is hard to work while little boys are playing Potptropica on your computer.

and worse, if they are out of my way and real quiet like, well then I know exactly what is going on....

Keeping kids busy and happy and at least a tiny bit productive during the summer takes a ton of organization.  

As I type this, Devin and her eleven BFFs are in my basement watching the season finale of Glee and just outside my window are a dozen boys.  There is lots and lots of screaming!

So it's really on! 
Summer is here!

Good Luck to all moms! 

1 comment:

  1. you ROCK as a mama....
    those kids are sooooo darn lucky to have allison dayton as their mom.
    i love summer at the dayton house...what mom would let 11 teenage girls in her basement with FOOD? see...you DO ROCK.
    and i love you for that.
    keep doing EXACTLY what you do to love those darling 30 toes.