Friday, June 4, 2010

Twitter, blogs and a treat!

So Roxy and I had lunch with my husband's endlessly talented cousin Mr Damian Dayton today.  Even fresh off of gnarly back surgery, this guy is all sorts of amazing .  He is something of a social media expert so we pumped him for information. He is helping us grow our  business using these new fangled things like tweets and blogs and company facebook pages.  Totally exciting stuff technology,  I love it, love it, love it.  And very soon you are going to be so impressed with my crazy skills.

So back to the spectacular Damian....  We lunched at The Dodo- A favorite of mine, of Damian's and now Roxy's.  And yes, we did share a Toll House Pie- but only because it would have been a little gross if I would have ordered my own at lunch.

So our treat was the gooey half baked pie with ice cream and whipped cream, yours is this video that Damian made on a first date!  Did I mention that he was amazingly talented and so very cool?  Well you can just judge for yourself.


  1. Please tell me he had a second date with that girl! They are awesome. I am not sure I would have been confident enough to dance poorly on my first date. Wow.

  2. I love that video--Damian is hilarious!

    I'll see you Sunday at the blessings, yes?

  3. sounds like lunch went well! ;) love your blog, love your house, and double love your jewelry!

  4. + I can never get enough of this video! + :) Lunch was soooo good <> I definitely love the Dodo <>

  5. Hey, I just discovered this. Allison, you are TOO nice. Thanks Roxy, you too.

    so update: we had a second date. It was a lunch date, that was all, but she still asks me for music.