Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Last week was my birthday! 


I know, having a birthday means you just got older, but I can't help it,  I am just giddy about birthdays.  Mine, my kid's, my honey's, yours, I looooove birthdays!   I love everything about birthdays.   As a child I started planning for my birthday right after Christmas.  When my kids were little, I would throw these big huge parties.  The more my husband's eyes rolled the better.   I like birthdays that go on forever.  In fact my in-laws are taking us to dinner to celebrate tomorrow night, which means that the celebrations have been carrying on for 12 days now! Just how I like it!

Having a birthday means one of these yummy cakes.  This little beauty is a Mrs. Backers Birthday Cake.  The price of such a cake fluctuates with the precious metals market, hovering right between gold and platinum.   I know what you are thinking,  it looks a bit old fashioned but DO NOT judge!  This is the yummiest pile of butter cream flowers you could ever dig your fork into.  To be clear, I don't much care for the cake part, so when I tell you i LOVE this cake, what I am really saying is, I LOVE this frosting!!  In fact I love this frosting so much that several years back, Kenn skipped the cake all together and just bought me a huge tub of frosting-  Can you see why I am in love with this man?  If a tub is a little tacky for you, you can just order a few dozen flowers and have them shipped to you!   If you're into that kind of thing.....  I totally am!


  1. Have fun with the in-laws tonight:)

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm with you on the cake. Mrs. Backer's did our wedding cake. Just image the photo above stacked sky high. It was delicious and beautiful. Hope your day goes on forever!

  3. Backer's is my husband's absolute favorite. I had never had anything of hers until our honeymood. Chandler INSISTED on at least getting a half dozen of her cupcakes. What a treat!!!