Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi Folks! Roxy Asami here --- also known as Roxy Marj <>
You may be wondering why there is an illustration of me in my FABULOUS vintage eskimo coat... no, Salt Lake City has not been hit by a snow storm and no it is not because Christmas is coming soon [5 months of sooness] ..actually
today my blog post is about the wonderful program I watched last night on BYU TV... it was about the Saami people and their livelihood as semi-nomadic reindeer herding!  I think I have found my dream calling in life!  Yes, I want to be a reindeer hearder! And how fitting that my last name is Asami!!! I Love it! Check out these wonderful photos below of these people in their beautiful dress...and oh yeah...they rock the tee-pee too! ....soo inspiring and now has me even more excited for winter to come. xo Roxy

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