Monday, July 26, 2010

Cokeville WYYYYYYYOMIN!!!! Population 506.

July 24th in Cokeville Wyoming!  Celebrating the Pioneers and 100 years of Cokeville.

The Cokeville 5k- a little early for a holiday weekend but the view was worth it.

Oh, did I mention that if your are a woman between 40-49 years and you run a little fast, well then you might be able to take one of these lovely 1st place trophies home with you.  Laugh, but its as close as I will ever get to a running trophy so I am wearing it!
Dayton kids line the Main Street (just a block away from Dayton Drive) waiting for the hundreds of pounds of candy that will soon be thrown at them.

My favorite part of the parade!!  I can't figure out how they even recruit Boy Scouts.


Cokeville Flag Football Tournament at the Cokeville Park.  Check out the hot guy in the dark t-shirt, I know those legs!  MMMMmmmm.

Out at the ranch, waiting for the homemade bomb to explode!    Apparently, if you mix gas with some secret ingredient, and shoot it with a gun, it will explode- well that's what they say anyway.  It didn't work but hanging out in a field with great people is enough fun for me! 



  1. Bummer that I missed the non-bomb. And I also think you need to post a picture of yourself in that awesome hat. Love it.

  2. It was so fun to see you and your cute family!! You're all so fun!

  3. loved hanging out and chatting with you for a bit!