Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friends & Diet Coke- A Cautionary Tale!

As a freshman in college, my friends and I would often drop by the local "Sev" (7-11) for a drink on our way to our next big adventure.  I would grab my Sprite or Root Beer- they would all get Diet Coke.  Finally one day, a friend of mine (and this is how addictions always start) had had enough, apparently Sprite and Root Beer are little kid drinks??   I told her Diet Coke was gross and there was no way I could choke it down.  She made me (okay not really?  I was pretty bendable back in those days) drink an entire Big Gulp of Diet Coke on the spot promising me I would love it after that.  She was right!!

Flash forward 23 years and I am now a bonafide Diet Coke junkie aficionado!  Which brings me to one of my favorite birthday presents.

My friend Ann gave me a Sonic Cup for my birthday!
Actually, a sonic cup with a gift card in it.  Brilliant.
Is that the cutest wrapping ever??

If you don't know what the big deal with the Sonic Route 44 Diet Coke is, well it's hard to explain, but that beautiful cup is part of the magic.  It's styrofoam, so aside from being totally earth unfriendly, it is like having your own little cooler for your precious Diet Coke.  I am not too proud to tell you I have to drive nearly 16 big city blocks (one way) every morning to get one.  But when I am still enjoying that icy sweet nectar 4 hours later - well its all worth it. 

If you still don't get it, just drink one whole Sonic Route 44 Diet Coke with Limes- the entire thing- and then you will know.   

Trust me!


  1. why does this post make me laugh?
    oh how i love you and our never ending unfruitful efforts to get off the sauce...
    it just never lasts forever does it.
    excited for Lamas friday.

  2. If Sprite and Rootbeer are little kid drinks, what's water? I must be a toddler:)

  3. ha ha! 16 big city must totally be worth it!

  4. Didn't you once write a 37 cent check for a refill at Hart's?