Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white Summer?

Huge flakes of snow were falling out of the sky as I woke up this morning.  Not even kidding!  Great piles of snowflakes started to accumulate on my grape hyacinth, my tri-colored beech is heavy with snow.  What is going on here- its May 24th???

I have had dozens of calls from friends who are beyond sad about this mornings surprise.  I am considering this really great luck as I am supposed to be designing winter/spring jewelry right now. 

I know what you are thinking, thats about as crazy as snow in the summer! Magazines want your jewelry four months before the magazine hits the grocery store.  Catalog and large stores want your gems as many as 8 months before the catalogs actually make it to your mailbox. 

Two pieces from our new snowflake collection. 

So as you are dying to get in to your cute flip flops, I have to make winter jewelry!  Its a lot like snow on May 26th! 


  1. i can always use a few snowflakes here in arizona.
    so, just send them my way.
    where in the WORLD are you?
    you must be the busiest woman on the planet.
    find some time to connect with your az friend would ya?
    love you.

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