Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Hate Playing Volleyball!

I cant believe I said it, but its true. I love to watch it but I hate to play volleyball!  I will give you two guesses why??????



I love the tall, strong ladies. 
I love the swimsuits and sun.
I love love love the tans.

But seriously, it takes me 5 minutes to get all the bracelets off my arms, and for my trouble what do I get?  Bruised arms. 
No Thanks! 

I will however,  take the sun the swimsuit and the tan!
Hello Summer!


  1. Do you wanna know why I hate it? Cuz the only time I ever play is with a million competitive brothers and I'm never good enough to keep up with them. Some of them are nice about it, some of them are rotten. Gee-what's not to love?

  2. I love volleyball. BUT I wouldn't be playing it in my swimwuit. No one would play with me if I did that.

  3. Um, comment above from bear, actually is ME. My husband was logged into my computer.

  4. Ha Ha how funny- now I have a crazy visual!!