Thursday, April 22, 2010

Displaying Your Jewelry- Grab A Hammer!

My number 1 rule:
If you cant see your jewelry you wont wear your jewelry.

Grab a hammer girls and lets find a little corner of the world to display your jewels.

Look at this very cool way to display your jewels and decorate your walls-  Nothing fancy just a hammer some nails or even a few really cool push pins and you have these next couple looks in the bag.

Or you can find an old hard branch and screw it into a small space on your wall for this really different effect

Too messy for you?  Well okay OCD try this option...

Does that help you feel a little more in control?

Or you can wrap fabric or paper around a piece of cork board and use push pins to hang everything.  If you are like me you are going to have to go with the extra large sized board.  Pick one and go for it!


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  3. OCD this one! hahahaha lol

    ^that MADE my day and made me laugh out loud!

    oh I have news for you... :( can't really talk about it on Saturday because it won't be appropriate, but come monday... it has to do with my sister mari...:(

  4. LOVE it.
    i knew you weren.t talking to me when you popped out that OCD comment.
    messy is my middle name...

  5. Jewelry storage and display is a challenge for me. I like these ideas but somehow none seem really practical. I have no space to display, maybe that's my problem. Definitely, that's my problem.

  6. All my necklaces are in cute little draw string bags, in a basket on my dresser and I have no idea which one is in which bag and so there are days I don't even bother. I need a good system of displaying. Thanks for posting.

  7. Hammer & Nails Connie- Go to it!