Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jewelry Storage- In your Hands

Cute Caitlin at CC Interiors found this great jewelry display.  I love all of the fun hands in the back.  A great clear bowl is so perfect for bracelets.

She is in love with the faux bamboo dresser.   Truly with all of that fabulous jewelry I didn't even know how she saw the dresser!  That's why she is paid the big bucks.

To get this look yourself start with the hands at fisheseddy.com and then perhaps a salad bowl from Crate and Barrel buy some of the small ones too and then you can sort them out into pretty color schemes or you can just highlight those bracelets you love the most.  

Oh yah,  I totally play favorites!

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  1. ahahahahah lol

    "oh yah" <- hehehe lol you crack me up Lady Dayton!