Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kate Hudson's Jewelry- She Stacks It Well!

So I don't want to dwell on any permanent changes that Kate Hudson may or may not have made,  but I will say it is a blow to the Natural Is Best Club.

HOWEVER,  I would like to focus on Kate's mad stacking skills.  Both arms.  No restraint.  No pattern.  No theme.   And while I am at it, a hearty well done to her friend Kristen Stewart, who pulls off a lovely mix of small sized colorful bracelets.

Try this at home:  
Take a stack of your favorite little bracelets and bangles and put on 5 or so.  Be brave!  Let me know how it goes.


  1. I can barely stand to wear one bracelet, let alone five. I'll just stick to admiring it when you and Ana do it:)

  2. i.ll take your 5 and raise it 6!!!
    bring it on.

  3. Tomorrow I intend to wear 7 . So take that Chrissy. I am totally mixing it up. Crazy coral shards you gave me when Jake was in preschool. A gold charm bracelet I have been rocking since high school per my mom's style and then maybe something just out there...working on it . Will photograph once wearing! Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. allison! i want some of your ivory hued bone bracelets! i love them, and they are perfect to wear all year long! what's the best way for me to get them from you! come to your house? just order them on your web site? let me know! i LOVE them! (and you and your cute family!) my email is



  5. this is melinda holmes (ruesch) by the way! :)