Friday, March 19, 2010

Seeing Is Creating

My creative friend Deena Rutter, a brilliant graphic designer, gave me a great new use for a set of Ikea drawers that I have had for years.  I have been using it as my tool chest.
Kinda like the big red metal Sears Craftsmen jobber that the boys use out in the garage.

  I bought it to go under my work desk in my studio but when I got it put together, it didn't fit under the desk (Im not so strong with the measuring tape).  So It has been behind me while I work since.

Finally Ikea started making the drawers narrow enough to fit under a desk, so I bought one.

Funny thing is, once again it was too tall to fit under the desk, Drat, I swear to you I measured in the store.  So my very handy honey put that darn desk on high heeled casters and Viola!  However, then my chair was too short and I felt like I was at the kids table at my mom's family dinners.  Soooo I had to order a different chair that totally fits and now everything is right with the world again.

So after all that here is Deena's idea that I was talking about 20 sentances ago.
Deena is a very smart designer and knows that when you can see what you have you tend to be so much more creative, so she organized all of her beautiful bits and lovelies into these drawers.

I love copying really great ideas so...   I totally copied her!

and here is a close up

Opening these drawers gives me an immediate flood of ideas.  I can switch my little 
Dollar Store bins around any way I like and sometimes two things sitting together you never considered, POW!!!

Thanks Deena!!!


  1. i saw dear deena.s post on this idea in HER cute office too.
    you guys.
    i swear!
    great minds think alike!
    (you didn.t really measure did you!!!)

  2. LOVE! Organization is such a happy thing! p.s. wearing my brass horse you gave me! I LOVE IT!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful way to organize some "stuff".
    Organization makes me feel

  4. okay, measuring...really. I use my forearm as a form of measurement. My husband just rolls his eyes in disgust. Can you blame him? I am stacking as best I can. My niece is getting married next summer and my hope is that you will help me with my jewelry. Can you help this short woman stack some style? I hope so. :)

    And, do I know Chrissy, I swear I know Chrissy from Kappa. Please enlighten me! Dig you. Have for ever, hope you know that!

  5. That was a cute read... glad the little drawers worked out, if I was to make sweet pieces like you I would use these drawers too.
    You are so talented, love your work...
    Regards, Carol Ann