Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beach Vendors

The last time I was in Mexico (1987) I was in Mazatlan sitting on the beach getting a deep dark tan (we cared about NOTHING else) while dozens of tenacious men tried to sell us charms, rings and baskets they carried from turista to turista.  As 16 year olds we thought it was annoying.

Lets just re-think this...

This week, I can be sitting on a lounge chair, at the beach in Playa Del Carmen, and the vendors will be walking by with their wares.  They will be so eager to come 
to were I am comfortably lounging, and sell me things while I am quite in my  leisure..
No need to drag my jewelry suitcase from vendor to vendor, stopping only to unload into the trunk of my car.

Sign Me UP!!!

For you I will bring photos of many beautiful
Mexican joyos (jewels) for you to savor.

By the way, this is most definitely a no computer vacation,
see you next week!


  1. Yippee, a trip to Meh-he-ko. (use your imaginary phonetics here)
    and I probably spelt that wrong

  2. wish i was with you trying to barter those little vender friends down as faaaaar as we and kenn have the best time. loves to you both!