Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did you forget your password?

Okay!  So yes I forget my passwords all the time.  Mind you 80% of my passwords are the same But there are those pesky 20% that for what ever reason don't use my goto passcode.  Its those 20% that I can never, ever remember.  

Problem solved...  I found this cute little address book from Cath Kidtson at Barnes & Noble.   I've filled it full of all sorts of secret names and numbers and information that I constantly need while Im at my computer.  

How darling, the birds, the flowers.

The Wagons!

It's just so adorable, and if you wanted to, I guess you could 
even use it as an address book.


  1. why does that just scream allison grant dayton to me?
    and why does that little bright vintage-y cowboy theme make me soooo very happy?
    i think i.ll never tire of the cowboy theme...
    never ever.
    oh how i love you and your style!

  2. I have had a password book for years, it is a wonderful idea for sure... saved my bacon a few times... yours is so much sweeter than mine, good pick.
    Regards Carol Ann

  3. I just love this pattern, I would really love it wallpapered in my bathroom!!!