Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stack of the Week- 400 Sandwiches

This is what four hundred tuna sandwiches
look like when they gather all together to do a little good.

I was always jealous of our good friends who got together with two other families to feed the homeless.  Once a month they make 400-500 sandwiches and take them to the local soup kitchen and hand them out with the other food that is donated to provide a high calorie healthy dinner for the homeless in our downtown area.   Finally, after many months of wishing my kids had an experience like that,  I just got the number and set up a night for our family and two others to do the same.  

Tomorrow will be our fourth month to help out at the kitchen.  The kids love it as much or more than the adults do.  And I'll tell you, we always have great conversations, and feel a lot more grateful as we eat our yummy warm dinners in our own comfy homes!

400 Tuna Sandwiches:
18 Costco sized Tuna Cans
32 Loaves of Bread
1 Gallon of Mayo
2 large Grey Poupon 
1/4 cup of Lemon Pepper
400 Ziploc Bags
Many helpers


  1. ooooh!
    just maybe
    we can be one of those families that gets the blessing of serving tunafish sandwiches....
    i LOVE this idea my bff!
    of course YOU would provide this amazing experience to your children...YOU amazing mother, YOU!
    (what nests? did you see some nests somewhere?)

  2. You're so great to do that Alli. I remember going to the soup kitchen a couple times and I'm not gonna lie---not my favorite thing to do.