Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mexican Jewelry

Okay, So I thought I could blog from vacation but it turns out that vacationing is much more work than work, SO, nothing for nearly 3 weeks! However, I am back at it and have lots to say and so much to share.

First off, I want to talk about memories versus reality.  I had such fond memories of my jewelry shopping in Mexico in the late 1980's that I blogged about it.  I had great expectations of digging my hands deep in to boxes of charms and earrings and pulling out little gems,  I was actually worried about my budget.  Shouldn't have worried,  what my 17 year old self thought was amazing, my 40 year old self thought was JUNK.  Funny how tastes change.

That did not stop me from searching and searching however- some of our friends could have possibly found it a little buggy.

In a little folk art shop in Playa Del Carmen I struck Mexican silver!!   Hand cast in sterling by an 80+ year old woman.  I am telling you- they screamed through the glass, "Allison we are here, we are here, we are here!"  Yes just like in Horton Hears a Who, and  I was the only one who could hear.  I am wearing them right now.

Another lucky find was this necklace of antique (probably german) buttons, and plastic beads.  I love the Mexican folk heart symbol, I have many of these around my house, but this tin heart on the necklace was just too good to leave behind.  Each of the girls snapped up one until they were all gone.  It goes perfectly with a tan.

This little lovely was only $11 so I wasnt even bothered that  it was strung on actual sewing thread.  I know a gal who can fix it!


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  2. Goes perfectly with a tan, eh? Guess that means I won't be wearing one any time soon:)

  3. i feel betrayed.
    here i thought you were on a muuuuuch needed vaca with kenny only to learn that either you are now calling kenny a girl who snaps up perfectly heart adorned inexpensive, but cute, jewelry....
    there were actually other GIRLS on this trip vying for your time and attention and taking MY job of shopping for good "jewelry" making deals with you.
    (you know me well enough to know i am grinning. hugely! right.)
    LOVE the earrings. love love love.
    no need to wait until august to send me mine.
    glad to see you back online...
    zac goes to prom tomorrow night...cried when he put on his tux...my life is going waaaaaay too fast.