Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stacks of Snowflakes- A Craft

I have a little present for all of you up to your eyeballs in snow, headed out to play in the snow, whooshing down a mountain full of snow or just dreaming of snow. Check out this amazing craft for you from the fantastically inspiring Design*Sponge.  Here is a super simple tutorial, before long little Miss Arizona, (yes you) your going to be right back in the mountains.


  1. me?
    not me right?
    your "other" arizona fans no?
    i LOVE this fun craft.
    and guess what else is super cool.
    see the deer head in the background?
    i bought that same thing at
    paisley pomegranate in park city.
    it proudly displays all my
    allison dayton jewels!
    oooo i love you!

  2. In Paisley Pomegranate just the other day. Asked me about the purse I was carrying, you know the purse. Bought it from you. Asked the lady if she knew you. Why doesn't she know you? Your jewelry should have an exhibit there. An artist's reception,no? Please. Come to Park City and exhibit your jewelry. I will stack every piece of yours I own and show up in full force at that reception.