Monday, February 8, 2010

Everything You Can Think Of

This is Taunya Olsen of Ellie Collections.  We love to do the Gem Fair together, I think this was our fourth.  It's amazing, we some times buy the same beads but never ever come up with the same finished designs. Taunya is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet,  but something very sinister happens when she gets a really great deal.

After a particularly long day of shopping, I was done! Finished! Dead! And just at the moment I was ready to throw in the towel, I saw these little babies. I mean who wouldn't want to wear happy little traffic cones?  With that I was buoyed up and ready to roll again.  Didn't I tell you- They have everything here?

They even thought of parking for you man!

I'm telling you if they don't have it at the Gem Fair I swear- you don't need it!!!!!


  1. i am sooooooo sad that i had to miss the HANDS DOWN BEST ANNUAL TRIP OF THE YEAR!
    can't wait to see what you came up with.
    love ya tons!

  2. I particularly like the poster BEHIND the gentlemen parked waiting for their young wife-ees.Is this to lure in more of the 55 yr and older crowd? Interesting advertising at a gem fair!

  3. Dear Ms. Taunya Olsen,

    This is Karen from Tai Chung Jewellery Co., Ltd. from Hong Kong. You've bought some stone flowers from us at Tucson show on Feb. 5 and you should have received it by UPS ground on Feb. 15.

    I have lost your name card, I want to send you the invoice by fax or e-mail but I can't find these info. Could you please advise your fax and email address? Thank so much and sorry for dropping such comments here.

    Best regards,
    Karen Tsui
    T: 852-2764-8817
    F: 852-2356-1467