Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of Money= Bye Bye Tucson

I am fairly certain that the Tucson Gem Fair goes on for ever.  It's endless, a bottomless pit of beads metals and rocks.   I mean it may be possible to see everything there is to see but I have never even tackled one fourth of it.  Did I mention its massive?   Running out of money and heavy suitcases--- thats what prompts me to leave every year.

When we began our trips to Tucson seven years ago, you could fill your suitcases to the brim- as long as you could lug them out of the car onto the sidewalk, you were golden.  Times have changed!  I shipped 150 lbs of beads home UPS and we still had to shuffle weight between our 4 bags at the airport.   Bless Southwest for letting you take 2 bags on for free you can actually take 7 more for $50 each (cheaper to ship UPS or FedEx Ground).  So we packed up our jewels, our piles of receipts, business cards and our new design ideas and headed for home.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on your blog. I will work on featuring you within the week on my blog. I can never imagine you being "behind the times" Tell that young 28 year old assistant to be respectful! :)

  2. i agree
    definitely NOT behind the times
    look at taunya.s!

  3. WHAAAAA ahahahaha lOL!!!??? BEHIND IN THE TIMES??? ALLISON PLEASE explain!!! :[) Did I say this to you? I am confused.....

  4. Looks like an overwhelming craft store...I'm glad you have the energy to sort through it all and then to have the creativity to come up with amazing jewelry. I got anxious just looking at all of the options...thanks for doing it for us!