Thursday, September 16, 2010

If I were in the movie.....

I'd wear these gorgeous earrings....
then again... I think they would look TONS better on Debbie Reynolds!

Don't you just love her and this movie???

Do you have a favorite scene?  I do..... :) Mine is when all three actors [ Debbie, Gene & Donald] sing "Good Morning Good Morning" ---> many times I have sung this song to the girls I used to nanny for in the morning after spending the night at their grandma's house in Connecticut. 
+miss those days+


  1. I always loved Cosmo's 'Make 'Em Laugh.' Or when he and Gene Kelly sing 'Moses.'

  2. the moonstones reflect the sparkle of her lovely tears! i am telling you this to my peril but i have never seen this movie---- i know, gasp! im going to netflix it right now and all i can say is im sorry

  3. by the way I like you in the blue dress!