Monday, September 20, 2010

We hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you do/see anything interesting?  I [Roxy] was sick the whole weekend...cause? Bleach. :( yep, dunno if I am allergic to it or what but if there is enough in vicinity to give me a headache I know I am in trouble.  1st sign: sore throat 2nd sign: runny nose 3rd sign: running out of breath when climbing stairs.... :( basically my immune system gets righteously attacked and I become ultra weak and the only cure is sleep.  My Junior year of college was far eyes got crusted over, I missed 5 days of school, I eventually ended up in the emergency room with them saying they saying they couldn't do anything for me [i.e. put me on anti-biotics] and that the only thing I could do was sleep... but then my sister also thought of a great idea to help me get well and that was to she laid in bed with me all day long watching funny movies with me and I laughed till I felt well enough to go to school. I was reminded of that the other day and kept thinking "laugh a lot Roxy, laugh!" Funny thing is, I naturally DO laugh a lot...but when we are sick it is so hard to. I think I need to plaster my walls with the wooden plaques I see out here in Utah that say "Live & Laugh".

Anyways...feeling a lot better today and that feels good.  Now let's talk fashion and what goes great with what!

Don't these hoops seriously make you wanna jump around like this girl? They do for me!
Or what about this darling Sterling Silver bracelet?  Looks great with soooo many outfits!

 Or if you're still getting some summer heat and hitting the pool/ocean/lake/pond whichever...why not wonderful porcelain bracelet set?

All these items can be found at Allison Dayton Jewelry

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