Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Blog Header?

This blog is under going a few cosmetic changes.  I always feel like I need a new look in the spring, and It seems my blog is feeling a little laden down with last seasons blahs too.  At least that is what it told little miss Roxy today.  So Roxy the graphic genius- yes, that is her in the coon skin hat- is working on some new and really brilliant ideas.

This photo tells you a lot about Roxy, the hat signifies her unique personality, and her proper use of a seat belt shows you just what a conscientious person she is.


What do you think of this new blog header?

Or are you missing this one?

We are in the process of updating the website too! Talk about being out of date- the poor little website is so 2004! It's so embarrassed it can hardly show it's face!  
 Can't wait for the unveiling 2 weeks and counting.....


  1. i will only give you my two cents worth if you promise to teach me how to make a 3 column blog page miss roxy mae and or allison. nice coon skin by the way...roxy boone. nice ring to it.
    i like the wood, as i am a lover of...well, wood.
    i miss the stacks and stacks of bangles and baubles that everyone has come to know and recognize and LOVE about allison dayton designs.
    that said, i have NEVER been to design school or sold a single piece of my art or jewelry...(unless my mom counts) so i don.t really know what i am talking about.
    i AM loving the huge E.T.S.Y. letters....did i know that you were selling on ETSY my dear?
    no, i do not think i did....
    you did not tell your old best friend in arizona.
    now im rambling. just thought it would be fun to leave a REALLY long comment for you to read..
    i miss you
    hi roxy. hope to meet you in person someday.
    loves to both.
    STACK it on sisters!

  2. i love the old header...i love seeing the 'stacks' of bracelets! its bright, colorful, and so happy looking!

  3. I'm with Melinda. I like the new one, but the old one seems more you. Unless you could turn the wooden background of it into something like a holder for all your jewelry---then it'd work.

  4. Could you have the bracelet one on the side somewhere?