Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jewelry Trend- Wonder Woman

I like to stack- In fact I love to stack!!! But even I gotta say, It takes a special woman to rock the tiara, plastic earrings, large cuffs times two, and belt. Then put it all on wearing high boots, mile high hair, and a swimsuit. It takes a Wonder Woman!  Don't you just want to stick this photo on your mirror-  every day you could just look Wonder Woman in the eyes and say "you and me babe, we are going to take on the world".

Here is a cartoon my cute husband gave me.  I know, I know, he is so sweet! His cousin Brandon Dayton is an amazing cartoonist! Check out the cuffs on that gal!

Although Wonder Woman has never fallen out of fashion, her look is now very chic. Trend forecasters call it Warrior Princess, we know this look as Linda Carter, Wonder Woman.   Ever since I was little I've worshiped her jewelry. Tell me you didn't deflect "bullets" with your Wonder Woman bracelets?  Whadya use? Tin foil? Sweat Bands?  How about trying one of these big girl versions?

All from - Fitting!

Come on ladies, slap on your Wonder Woman jewelry on and go fight the bad guys!

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  1. Wow-look at all those comments on your giveaway. Nice work. If I copy a Wonder Woman trend, I think I'm going for the tiara. Or maybe the belt.