Friday, March 5, 2010

Growing A Jewelry Business

Sorry for the dearth in posts, It's been a busy two week for,  we are changing, designing, blogging and growing all at the same time.  I love that we are stretching, in fact it gives me a creativity buzz, but I am definitely getting less sleep. 

We hired Jeneration PR to get the word out about and Allison Dayton Jewelry Designs Wholesale and of course Stacks of Style.  And she is keeping us hopping around.  We have some exciting magazines we are hoping to be in soon but "O" its a secret sO I better not tell you but I will say one of them is a Red colored Book.  In the mean time we are having fun being intoduce to the blog world.  

Today we were introduced to readers of Style Epiphany.

At the beginning of this week we were in the Mom on the Street column of The Family Groove, talking about spring cleaning!

and they actually passed us on to tons of other blogs.  

Whaooo PR is fun stuff.  Just you wait, next we have celebs coming... Fingers Crossed!!!


  1. been busy and stacks of style! yeah for p.r. and magazines with both the color red and book??? that is a GGGGREAT thing missy. i know how you feel about that one. im off to clean my closet now after your interview on "mom on the street."

  2. That's awesome Alli. I can't wait for when you're big and famous world-wide with stars saying they're wearing your jewelry on the red-carpet and I can say I'm your sister-in-law:)

  3. I'm so excited for you! I cannot imagine the amount of work you are faced with but it will all pay off. I so appreciate your patience and how you have grown your business slowly, the only way to truly be successful Congrats on all of the exciting stuff happening in your world. I wear your jewelry fact I think I need that nest necklace. Darn you Allison! btw, tell Jake hi! ;)