Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jewelry Storage-Boxes, hangers and ballerinas

Still Storing your jewelry in this?  Its time to find a real place for all of your pretty jewels.

After scouring some catalogs, I found these jewelry storage ideas from Pottery Barn and the Container Store.

My 13 year old daughter could fill 2 of the storage chests- and by the way they are $349 each, Yikes!
As for the trees my house would look like a forest with all the trees we would need.  Instead look around for some nontraditional solutions.  We found this wrought iron rack and spray painted it a fun pink, and now all my necklaces are out where I can see them- Can you hear them screaming "Pick Me, Pick Me".  

Ikea has the greatest little kitchen racks with hooks sold separately that you can add and add and add.  This is  rack is in my studio but imagine it painted turquoise and hanging in your room.

Caitlin Creer at CCInteriors found these fabulous bowls for me at ZGallerie for $19.95 and $7.95 and they easily fit my stacks of bracelets.  Look around your cupboards for an unused salad bowl or deep serving tray.  Or perhaps just an orphaned little saucer for all of your rings.

The important thing is that your jewelry is out where you can see it, and hear it calling to you "Hey pretty lady, I would look amazing with your creamy sweater".


  1. i LOVE this post.
    i have been wanting to do a "where do ya.ll keep your allison dayton jewelry" post for awhile now.
    i am NEEDing new ideas.
    like you bathroom looks like the hundred acre woods with all the jewelry trees and coffee mugs housing my adornments!
    maybe you should host a
    "jewelry home storage MAKEOVER" giveaway.
    that.s a great idea.
    consider me entered!

  2. I'll take one of each. ;)I def need some order with my accessories.

  3. I like having my jewelry out as well. I stuck a removable hook up on my dauthers' dresser to hang their necklaces. It worked so well I hung one up in my own room.

  4. Very cute ideas! I wish I wasn't allergic to metal and could wear jewelry :(

  5. There is something about keeping jewelry in bowls!!:[) LOVE it! <3

  6. Hey Allison, just dropping by from Barbaloot's blog.
    I have a Pottery Barn jewelry box and LOVE IT! I bought it at a discount store for a fraction of the price! I am just starting to embrace jewelry, so I will stay tuned!

  7. So, your saying a pile on my bathroom counter is not ideal storage?

  8. Coming over from Barbaloot! I love your jewelry collection! I am a HUGE jewelry fan, so i think we are going to get along!!

  9. HELLO -- Barbaloot sent me here. Great ideas for showing off your jewelry and remembering WHAT you have. If you can't see it, you can't wear it ...right?